Welcome to Theosearch International Limited. Located in Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa, Theosearch International Limited is an adept International Intelligence Consulting Firm in full services of providing Confidential Information and related services to an array of clients round the globe.

Our Mission

To significantly expand and maintain our market share by preserving our reputation as being a well recognised, highly regarded and professional   Agency.

Our Vision







Theosearch International Limited provides wide range of professional Investigative services to Investigators, Attorneys, Insurance Companies, Corporate and Non Corporate Businesses, Individuals, Government as well as the General Public. Some of our services include:


Background Check & Investigation:  Knowing someoneís history is a good indicator of future actions. With our detailed background check & investigation, you will feel more secure knowing the details about someone, before you get too emotionally or financially involved. We also provide a more cost-effective simple background check. Savvy professionals today are doing their homework. While background investigations for the purpose of pre-employment screening are more important than ever, many have realized that itís smart to check out anyone they plan to partner with in any way, be it in business or their personal lives.

Profiles on an individual's professional, educational and personal background have become invaluable.

  • Are you hiring an employee, nanny or other domestic?

  • Renting a property?

  • Are you planning a lawsuit and want to know if itís a worthwhile pursuit, and where the assets are now?

  • Have you or a loved one begun a romance?

Never before has the need to know the character of prospective tenants, employees or business associates been so vital. In addition, many people are now meeting via dating services or on the internet. The best thing that you can do is to confirm that your new friend or romantic interest is who they say they are, both for your safety and your peace of mind.

  • Due Diligence /Business Investigation: Understand your competitors, key suppliers and investment partners in Nigeria and other African Counties. Let us perform the business due diligence so you have all the facts, all handled thoroughly and discreetly.

  • Surveillance:  We use the most advanced techniques and surveillance equipment to help you feel more secure about trusting someone that you care about.

  • Cheating Girlfriend, Cheating Wife and Cheating Husband:  Not sure about your lover or mate? We can help you get to the truth and understand whether someone is really being faithful to you while you are not together with our fidelity check package. Let us help find out if your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband is really a cheater or telling you the truth!

  • Missing Person:  Missing person or just trying to find someone? Using our discrete methods, we can help you find that someone anywhere in the country!

  • Online Dating Scams and Relationship Fraud: Do you really know who you may have met or been introduced to on the internet? Are they single, Real or perhaps married with children? Did they really go to school, work, and have a good background? We can help to make sure you really understand about that special someone.

  • Insurance Investigation: Our investigators help insurance companies and investigators uncover fraudulent death, injury and disability claims and travel/ Medical Expenses Claims. We are the agency that is trust for any investigation needs.

  • Process Service:  We can process service your legal documents, quickly and efficiently, anywhere in Nigeria.

  • Decoy Service:  Our decoy service is useful for situations where your girlfriend or wife work in a bar or club and often meet many men willing to pay for some special services. Weíll send a good-looking Investigator to meet her. Find out what she does in these types of situations!

  • Fraud Investigation: Have you been a victim of internet or other fraud? We can help you locate the other party for recovery or payments.

  • Asset Search: Searching for someone's property or other assets? Using our discrete methods, we can help you find that someone or something anywhere in the country!

  • Mystery Shopper/Purchase Testing:  We can also help identify and locate the source of counterfeit or fraudulent merchandise, and companies infringing on your trademark.

  • Record Search and Verification: We can verify and obtain copies of most any document that you may need, whether for a criminal, civil, or legal case, or simply to make a well-informed decision, for example:


    • Marriage Certificate

    • Birth Certificate

    • Divorce Certificate

    • Death Certificate

    • Vehicle Registration

    • Professional Licenses

When you choose our services, you're choosing local and efficient professionals. We will provide you with the proof you need to make your decisions, business or personal. Our support staffs are standing by ready to help. Contact us today to find out what else we can do for you.